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this is me, Tara.

lover of dogs, shoes and good wine

My story is the same as many families across Australia; dual working parents, juggling a mortgage, schools, extra curricular activities and more doggy park trips than we can shake a stick at. Family time is limited, and couple time is rare.

A few years ago, my husband Shaun and I, followed work opportunities that meant moving away from our family and friends. Overnight we lost our village. Finding a babysitter we trusted wasn’t easy, so for a few years we attempted date nights at home. Needless to say, one of us would fall asleep mid-movie or, the familiar sound of little footsteps down the hall would halt conversation. Date night hat off, Mumma hat back on. We needed a babysitter and we needed one ‘now’.

In a world of instant gratification, in minutes we can source the outift, buy the shoes, confirm the tickets, order the cab and book the table – just not find a babysitter we trust. And so, armed with pen, paper and a dream, we traded in date nights for countless hours on the couch creating our masterplan, and what is now our new baby; mumaco, your pocket babysitter.

We know that parents are limited in their options. We know that trusting a babysitter is the critical factor in saying ‘yes’ to a night out. We know how important it is to make time to connect as adults, to loved ones and friends. We understand how important it is to find a support network when you need it the most, for work or in an emergency. We know, because Shaun and I have lived this.

mumaco has been lovingly designed, tried and road-tested over several years. At the heart of it, is the need to buid a community of support for ALL parents by booking a local and trusted babysitter, on demand.

Now we switch a night in, for a night out with peace of mind. Thanks for being a part of the mumaco journey.

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Android App coming soon. Enter your details below and we will update you when it’s live.