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how mumaco works

Absolutely! You are welcome to include a message within your booking request & instant messaging will be available between both parties for all confirmed bookings.

Mumaco is a great way to build relationships with sitters you’ll want to book again and again. Just add your preferred sitters to your ‘Favorites’ list for instant access to re-book.

All Mumaco bookings have a minimum time commitment of 2 hours.

If something comes up and you need to cancel your booking, no problem! Simply sign in to view your job and you’ll see the option to cancel.

Is there a cancellation fee? Only if cancelling within 24 hours of the scheduled start time. 
Cancellations withing 2-24hrs of start time incur a $15 cancellation fee. Cancellations within 2hrs of start time will incur a $30 cancellation fee. All cancellation fees go 100% to the babysitter.

No problem! Simply request a ‘job extension’ to your sitter via the Mumaco app. If they are available to stay on, your’re all set! Bookings extensions are charged in 30 minute intervals at the same standard hourly rate as the rest of your booking.

rates & payments

No! Mumaco is free from subscriptions and hidden fees. Just log on and post a job whenever you need it. We’ve got this.

mumaco sitters are $25 an hour for up to two kids.

But as parents, we know that sometimes the best nights are the unplanned ones. Good thing is, you can book on-demand. If it’s last-minute (within two hours), then it’s $35 an hour for up to two kids.

Every sitter you pick comes with a $10 booking fee. And it’s $5 an hour per extra child

That’s it, no subscriptions, no hidden fees.

No. Keeping our transactions cash-free helps facilitate a smooth booking process from beginning to end. (And it means no last minute dashes to the ATM) …Winning!

trust & safety

Trust & Safety is paramount at Mumaco and that’s why we review all Mumaco sitters before they are approved to accept jobs on our platform. Our review process includes:

  1. Working With Children Check (WWCC)
    Also known as ‘Blue Card’. The WWCC is an ongoing assessment of a person’s eligibility to work or volunteer with children and involves a check of a person’s national criminal history (including all spent convictions, pending and non-conviction charges) and other disciplinary and police information
  2. First Aid Certification
    Every Mumaco sitter must hold a current Provide First Aid Certification.
  3. Identification Check- 18+
    Official Government photo id (drivers licence or passport) must be presented and cross checked against profile particulars and DOB checked to ensure sitter is at least 18 years old.
  4. Mobile verification
    Every Mumaco sitter must verify their mobile phone number via a secure one time pin.

Once you’ve booked a sitter, you have the option to you to speak with the sitter over our in-app instant messaging service to introduce yourself and to learn a bit more about your sitter.

how mumaco works

It’s natural to have a few questions, so for some top tips and guidelines, please have a read of our Sitter Guidelines.

The second your profile is approved, you will be able to view job requests from parents within your nominated area. Review and respond to job requests and the parent will get back to you with a confirmation if they feel you are a good fit for their family! Make sure you have your push notifications on to get instant visibility of new jobs in your area.

Being on time means everything. It’s an opportunity to make or break a first impression. If however, you do find yourself running late for a job, immediately call or message the parent securely via the app to advise them of your situation and provide them with your estimated time of arrival.

All jobs must be activated within 45mins of scheduled start time.

rates & payments

No – it’s completely free! There’s no sign-up fee or membership charge, allowing you to start making money hassle-free.

As a Mumaco sitter you can expect to take home an minimum hourly rate of $22-$27.

Future bookings attract an hourly rate of $22 for up to 2 children
On-demand bookings (start time within 2hrs) attract an hourly rate of $27 for up to 2 children.

$5/hr is added to your rate for every additional child.

Tip Jar
Our Mumaco families often like to thank their sitter for an amazing job by offering a tip at the end of the job. We make this easy for our families by suggesting this at the closure of their job. You will receive 100% of any tips left by families.

Your payment is transferred to your nominated bank account via our secure payment gateway, Stripe, within 48 hours of your job closing.

If a parent cancels your confirmed job, your availability just goes right back to what it was. Cancellations within 24hours of scheduled start time work a bit differently:
If a parent cancels within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, you’ll receive a compensation payment to make up for the last-minute cancellation.

Cancellations between 2-24 hours of the scheduled start time receive a flat $15. Cancellations within 2 hours of the scheduled start time receive a flat $30.

trust & safety

Absolutely! The safety of Mumaco sitters is paramount and that’s why we have in place a 2-way review system where both parents & sitters rate & review their experience.

After every booking you’ll be prompted to review your family and you’ll have the opportunity to view other sitter’s reviews of families before you apply for or accept a job request.

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Keep in touch

Android App coming soon. Enter your details below and we will update you when it’s live.